🔥🔥How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners: 5 Ways New Bloggers Make Money (& the 2 we recommend!)

Here’s the 5 ways New Bloggers Make Money (and the 2 we actually recommend!)
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Curious about How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners?
Here are the 5 main ways bloggers make money:
1. Affiliate Marketing: Encouraging your readers to purchase products & earn a commission
2. Selling Your Own Product: Creating your own product & selling it to your blog readers
3. Sponsored Posts: A company pays you to write a post that promotes their product or service
4. Advertising: You place ads on your blog & you’re paid when they’re viewed or clicked
5. Lead Gen For Your Business: Use your blog to find customers for your business: Photography, writing, coaching, consulting, etc.

Our recommendations based on our own experience & research:
Great for new bloggers:
– Affiliate Marketing
– Creating & selling your own Product
– Lead Gen (if you already have a business)

Challenging for new bloggers: (wait on these)
– Advertising
– Sponsored posts

Affiliate Disclaimer: This guide includes some affiliate links where we earn a commission (at no cost to you) that support this channel if products are purchased.


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