About Me

The only way to know how to run a business from scratch is to study and have first-hand experience.

This is not a quick process but after a few years-long studying ‘start up business’ I managed to complete it with a diploma. Next step was gaining some practical experience. I was able to work in a few start-up companies which enable me to gain experience, established companies couldn’t provide me with.

Among the companies I worked for was Yumilicous, a healthy fast food store selling any type of wraps you could think of. I joint them from day 1 of operation and learnt numerous skills including staff recruitment, pricing, costing and creating budgets. Unfortunately, this company is no longer with us. My other approach to start-ups were Bubbleology and Chilango.

I started both at the infant stage and had the great fortune of gaining vital knowledge and experience that now am able to pass to others. 

I graduated in the diplomas below in digital marketing and various social area.

Professional Diploma in BLOGGING & CONTENT MARKETING

Professional Diploma in DIGITAL MARKETING


I also put my hand to creating eBook’s & explainer video’s.

View here to know more about me ( Garry ).


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