How I Got Dan Lok To Mentor Me

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Klaus Hakala a.k.a The Facebook Ads Magician™ is the digital marketer behind some of the world’s largest personal brands.

At 19 years old he dropped out business school in Finland and moved to Vancouver, Canada to be personally mentored by Dan Lok for 3 years. For 12 months he was the Director of Funnel and Traffic for Dan Lok Companies.

Since leaving Team Dan Lok, he has worked with countless thought leaders such as Eric Thomas, Stefan James, Jason Capital & Aaron Doughty.

He has spent over $3 Million dollars on Facebook ads for his clients and generated them over $20 Million dollars in revenue.

He started completely broke working out of a hostel at 19 years old and in two short years built a multiple 6-figure a year Facebook ads agency.

Today, Klaus Hakala is on a mission to help 100 people make 6-figures from their laptop. He runs his online businesses from the beach in Brazil while enjoying his life and traveling around the world.


This video is about How I Got Dan Lok To Mentor Me

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