How to Create a Reusable Block in WordPress Block Editor

Are you repeatedly using snippets of text on your WordPress site? If you do, then the reusable block feature will be very helpful to you. In this video, we will show you how to easily create a reusable block in the WordPress Gutenberg/Block editor.

To start, you would want to create the text that you want to repeat in your content in a single block. Now click the verticle ellipsis in the editing options for the block and click the Add to Reusable Blocks option. Name the block and click the save button to add it to the available blocks.

Now when looking to add a block you can go to the reusable blocks section and select the block you’ve added. This will add the block to your content and if you modify the block it will modify the content in the block everywhere it is placed on your site.

Another popular reusable block to add is a button block. You will want to style the button to the design you’re wanting, select the text you plan to add and add a link to where the button should send the user who clicks on it. Now when you add this to the reusable blocks area, it will be an option for placement and will have the same design and link for every place it is added.

Should you want to see all of your reusable blocks you would click add a block, open the reusable block area, and click the link titled Manage All Reusable Blocks. It will bring you to an area where you can delete, edit, or export the reusable block. This will allow you to import the block into other sites.

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