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Traffic is the life blood of any online business. Since 2015 i’ve been using many diffrent of systems, Paid & Free and wasted a lot of money thinking all of thgem would help me, Well I was wrong. As a newbie, you need all the money you have. So stop wasting your money and check them out.

I will add more systems if i find useful one’s.

Below are the best ones that actully

worked for me. is great. This is a PAID product. With this system you add credit and use it to get trafffic, price depends on what country you want your traffic from. It can be from $5 to as much as you want. more mony, more traffic. You will need to add a signup form to collect all the leads from it. I managed to get $0.10 per lead using this system, but that all depends on your landing page to collect the leads. has many uses but traffic is the main system.

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Elite Traffic System is a FREE system. you can add banners, solo ads and more all for free. All members are in to ‘make money online’ so if you have product to offer then this system is perfect. You can upgrade to the paid version, (one time only) and get more credit (whch you need to use the traffic system). You receive credit every month to your account whcih never expires. You have lifetime banners and other systems that just last a short time. Also if you choose to upgrade, you have the chance to get all 20 traffic systems other than Elite Traffic System and they will be upgraded to the Pro version whcih means more credit and more traffic.

Unlimited Traffic

Free Traffic Systems

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