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This tutorial for beginners will walk you through a 4 part process where you can use the youtube platform to attract the ideal customer to your clickbank product.

Here is the process:

1. Pick a product with a gravity of 50 or above
– Power efficiency guide
2. Pick one traffic strategy and go all out with it
– YouTube

* come up with search phrases that people may type in (aka customers) to find this product

3. Create content

4. Direct people to your affiliate link

When you pick a product you first want to ensure there is a gravity of at least 50. Gravity basically measures how well a product is selling in the marketplace.

Many new marketers make the mistake of promoting clickbank products that won’t sell. Leaving them making little to no revenue.

The next thing you want to do is look at the jv (affiliate) page and see if they have good marketing materials you can use to your advantage. Most products with a high gravity tend to have better marketing assets you can use.

The next part of the clicikbank tutorial I show you a free traffic strategy you can use to start making money without risking your own money to do so.

It will take a little bit of work and creativity but its a repeatable process that flat out works.

I’ll show you how to dive deep and do research to find what your potential customers would type into youtube and google. Once you develop a list of search terms we can begin creating our content around them.

Next we will go into google and find related articles to our search terms and have them rewritten. Finally we will have our article put in a power point and have a voice over to accompany it.

The final step is to get the video uploaded to youtube. Here you will need to optimize it so it gets tons of views.

I have a video here that covers it in more detail:

I hope you enjoyed this video for clickbank for beginners and I look forward to the next!