How To Create A Sales Funnel For Affiliate Marketing (Step by Step)

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Here is a great tutorial on How To Create A Sales Funnel For Affiliate Marketing (Step by Step) using Clickfunnels.

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Are you ready to level up your Affiliate Marketing game? Here's a how-to tutorial on How To Create A Sales Funnel For Affiliate Marketing (Step by Step) Using Click Funnel. In this video, I will be teaching how to use clickfunnel for your affiliate marketing, by creating Sales Funnels so make sure to finish watching this video until the end! If you have questions about How To Create A Sales Funnel For Affiliate Marketing (Step by Step) leave us a comment down below ;). If you think you know someone who needs this AWESOME How To Create A Sales Funnel For Affiliate Marketing (Step by Step) course, feel free to share this video.

I spent a lot of time editing this video so please give it a THUMBS UP and COMMENT below if you found it helpful!

If you’re new to my channel my name is Eric Ellis other known as Eric Ellis Jr. I’m a 24-year-old millennial entrepreneur who aspires to change the world by helping as many millennial entrepreneurs escape the rat race and achieve time, location and financial freedom by teaching the skills of internet marketing!


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ClickFunnels Review 2018 for Newbies from a Newbie Plus Bonuses!

Click Funnels Review for Newbies from a Newb

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My free bonus offer is only available to verified signups through the link above. The course I will be sharing with you is over 5 hours of over-the-shoulder video of Spencer Mecham, the number one affiliate marketer for Clickfunnels, explain both ClickFunnels strategy, and how to use the actual clickfunnels software and platform.
He literally has a lesson for everything. From the platform page builder to integrating an email autoresponder to creating a custom domains. Work with me and I will help share all of his winning strategies with you.

His course will save you hours of wasted time! I know because I am one of his students! My only wish is that I got his course sooner.

This ClickFunnels review is my honest opinion of ClickFunnels and its potential for success. I include the ClickFunnels pros and cons and give an inside look into some of their features and platform.

ClickFunnels has been around for years, but has exploded in the last year in particular. This is in part due to their incredible affiliate program, which I discuss in this video, but also some updates and improvements they made to their site.

ClickFunnels price can be seen by some as pretty steep, which can leave many people wondering if it is worth the cost. I give my opinion on the matter and break down how quickly you could realistically make money on ClickFunnels platform.

I also briefly touch on the ClickFunnels membership building area, something many people have questions about. While I don't give a direct tutorial of how to use it, I do show how to quickly build a membership funnel and how easy/ what it would look like to the user.

If you are considering to give ClickFunnels a shot while watching this review, I would say give it a go! They have an awesome 14 day trial for free that anyone can use!

Being a ClickFunnels member also gives you access to tons of free trainings on how to use ClickFunnels and how to create effective sales funnels. One of my favorite things about ClickFunnels is the trainings. They are taught by Russell Brunson, an internet marketer who has made literally dozens of multi-million dollar businesses online.

Even though it isn't part of this review, the free training and strategy ClickFunnels offers is incredible. It is tons of episodes of video that shows you how to become an affiliate marketing pro. Before you go pay for a really expensive course on affiliate marketing or ClickFunnels I would recommend reviewing the material they offer.

They want you to succeed as a ClickFunnels affiliate and so they give you as much information as they possibly can.

The last thing I didn't talk too much about in the review is the ClickFunnels Facebook group. Wow what incredible value! Nearly 100,000 ClickFunnels users all working together to help each other. There are few groups as engaged and helpful to each other as the ClickFunnels group. The group is managed well and they actively keep the spammers out!

My ClickFunnels review is overall a positive one. ClickFunnels is still working out some kinks and quirks, but they have the right idea and are going in an incredible direction. I think they are the future of online marketing. A very innovative company that continues to listen to its users to become better.

I want to add a snippet to this review of clickfunnels since I made it.

Over my first month I have used multiple funnels to make great money online. This is largely why I am giving such a positive review. I had never made more than a couple hundred bucks online before Clickfunnels.

This platform really does change lives and with the training that comes with it there is literally no end to the potential. My teacher and the number one affiliate marketer for Clickfunnels has one funnel now making 100k a year on autopilot. I work hard every day to come up with that life changing funnel myself!

If you enjoyed my ClickFunnels review, please leave a comment below. If you have questions, please do the same.

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Clickfunnels Review 2018 – My Honest Opinion

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Clickfunnels Review 2018

I want to give you an honest Clickfunnels review. In my personal experience of using Clickfunnels the past 2 years, I have learned a lot. You can get a 14 day free trial of Clickfunnels here:

Clickfunnels is a very versatile software and you can use it for so many things such as:
Websites, landing pages, lead magnets, freebies, video training, online courses, webinars, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, coaching programs, consulting services, collect emails, lead generation, client work, and more.

Clickfunnels “hosts” your pages and it’s really easy to edit pages. Its all drag and drop and there are hundreds of free templates. I never start anything from scratch, I always duplicate templates.

Clickfunnels has an email marketing component called “Actionetics”. I use Actionetics for some emails but most of my email marketing I send out through Convertkit. It is very easy to integrate a 3rd party email service into Clickfunnels. Convertkit is affordable and here is a free 14-day trial:

Some of the other integrations are confusion, such as payment gateways or shipping software. You may need extra help figuring out how to connect APIs. Clickfunnels staff may not always have an answer and they may take a while to reply, but you can find help in various Clickfunnels Facebook groups.

Sometimes Clickfunnels is completely down from the internet or certain pages will break but it works well most of the time.

Bottom line: Even though sometimes I get frustrated, I highly recommend using Clickfunnels. Get started with your free 14-day trial here:

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DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.